In this TEDTalk, Tim Ferris suggests defining our fears rather than just our goals, and emphasizes the significance of stoicism in regard to success in all areas of life.

I believe it is true that our fears define us. Our fears shape and mold our lives, preventing us from moving too far away from centre.

While this should not be so, it nevertheless is for too many people who don’t live exceptional lives, despite their talents and potentials.

I have spent the last thirty+ years investigating the deepest of terrors and fears many of us face, and where these originate in our deeper past. The astonishing surprise is that in every case the greatest fears have led to precisely the greatest talents and abilities within my clients and students. The Gift itself was the Terror.

This is an involved topic, and will be covered in great detail in my forthcoming book, The Insidious Saboteur in the Psyche to be indie-published in various formats in 2021 (if not earlier — still editing).

Meanwhile, Tim Ferris may inspire you here with some very good advice.

. . . May you always live your Exceptional Purpose!

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