Tim Cook on Entrepreneurship

An inspiring and very practical interview, plus a useful Q&A session, at The Foundry—a new facility hub for startups at Oxford University in England—with Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc. You’ll hear from this interview that Tim Cook is a man of Exceptional Purpose, himself inspired by his predecessor, Steve Jobs—another man of Exceptional Purpose. They have both shown us that it can be done!

Tim talks about the beginning of his life’s journey as a young adult looking for Purpose, and the many things he learned from finally working at Apple with Steve Jobs. He shares some of the wisdom and values that have shaped and guided his path as Apple CEO since Steve Jobs’ passing in 2011.

There are many great ideas here, and opinions based on hard experience. Tim is honest and direct in answering the questions about running one of the most successful businesses in the world—as he says, Apple don’t sell the most, they sell the best. And that is their aim.

Highly valuable if you want to start your own business, company, or expand into your highest potential. And as Tim Cook states here, ‘Everyone should have leadership skills’.

. . . May you always live your Exceptional Purpose!

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Kerrie Redgate

Exceptional Purpose specialist since 1986—consultant & educator: Kerrie Redgate designs careers & sleuths-out subtle self-sabotage for individuals seeking a meaningful life. Kerrie developed the Yogacara Astrology system for this purpose during three decades with clients & students. Award-Winning Author. Speaker. Was once a rock/jazz/blues singer/musician/published song-writer. Kerrie believes Astrology & Music are both based on Resonance, and both can change lives!

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