This should be viewed by all solopreneurs and entrepreneurs,
by the change-makers and the inspired educators

Cutting corners wherever possible is a necessary component of running your own business or project. This happens in two areas: there are financial corners to cut, and time corners to cut.

Cash and Time are classically the two assets
that are usually in short supply for the courageous individual
who is concerned with uplifting the human condition in some
productively innovative way.

Even when cash is available, there is still the emphasis on preserving as much as possible to cover any future failures or unforeseen challenges. Though, brilliantly, we now live in a time when so many resources for the small business solopreneur are available for free, or pretty close to free, such as:

  • Open Source software
  • apps made by larger companies who are giving back to the community (including all the free assets from Apple Inc., such as free operating system updates, and their free standard Apple apps democratising creativity and productivity)
  • the global availability of services from countries where the financial exchange rate is in our favour (and we are simultaneously helping less fortunate countries)
  • indie author publishing and course creation
  • cheap ebooks to educate us . . .

. . . all making the solopreneur career and small business enterprise more possible now than ever.

So it tends to be the other corner that is the one we are most likely to cut more often, and without even a thought. We magically fill the coffers of Time for our endeavours by robbing our own Bank of Sleep.

Guilty? Yes, me, too.

This TEDTalk from 2014 by Jeff Iliff presents new evidence on what happens in the brain while we are in deep sleep. We can’t afford to avoid or deny this evidence. And as individuals of exceptional purpose, we can’t let the world down by letting ourselves down.

So please watch this less-than-12-minute video, and make a pledge to yourself that the world is worth a full blossoming corner.

. . . I’m off to get an early night . . .

. . . May you always live your Exceptional Purpose!

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