Opportunities Now for the Year of the Monkey

Grooming Monkeys

The Year of the Monkey Begins at This Time
for Both the Chinese and the Tibetans (LOSAR)

And we have an amazing pattern of bodies in the Heavens right now,
affecting us all via our Earth’s Field:

The sun is at 18 degrees of Aquarius, Venus is 18 degrees of Capricorn, Mars is 18 degrees of Scorpio, the Transptunian Zeus is 18 degrees of Libra, and the major asteroid Vesta (the only one that can be seen without a telescope due the light it reflects from its surface) is 18 degrees of Aries! And of course, the Moon will catch up to the Sun in a number of hours, creating the New Moon phenomenon, which really does mark the New Year in most of Asia.

And as I write this, momentarily the Vertex axis (in Sydney) is “coincidentally” at 18 degrees of Sagittarius & Gemini (which probably prompted me to write at this time!).

Sun-Venus-Mars-Vesta-Zeus: this combination offers us an opportunity to begin this New Year with Heart, peace, and positive direction to heal the Past with morality, eithics, humanity, and our inherent Wisdom.

Let’s hope the Powers That Be around the world are tuning into these frequencies affecting each one of us, and not abusing this potential. We all use energies according to our level of consciousness and habitual behaviours, which is why some people can still turn this combination into a negative.

But if we each do our bit to bring through the highest qualities that this combination of energies can inspire in us at this time, it may set the tone for a wonderfully creative, cooperative, successful, and harmonious Year of the Monkey.

. . . May you always live your Exceptional Purpose!

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With thanks to Muhammad Mahdi Karim for uploading his ‘Grooming Monkeys’ image to Wikimedia Commons
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