The environment in which we live and work has an enormous impact upon the subconscious areas of the brain, the parts of us that register the simplicity of safety or the chaos of anxiety. We need spaces that nurture the spirit as well as the body.

I first saw these essentially glass ‘tea houses’ when they were featured in the beautifully inspiring ‘Coast Modern‘ documentary (I bought the double DVD-set from Canada on the net, right after viewing it on Australian television!). The simplicity of this design, the lush natural setting, abundance of glass, and natural recycled materials, all meld into an environmental experience of  ‘place’ that can bring us back to our quiet spiritual ground of being.

This is the essence of good design.

The on-site discussion here with the architect, Robert Swatt, offers us greater insight into the purpose and structure of these intriguing little ‘houses’.

If you appreciate modern architecture, this video would have to inspire you. Certainly, the absence of clutter is evident. But, of course, ‘simplicity’ has always been the essence of Zen; and Zen, which embraced the original notion of the teahouse and the meditative tea ceremony performed within, is certainly evident in these beautiful designs.

Many thanks to Kirsten Dirksen of Fair for this video, and for uploading it to her YouTube channel. One of my favourite YouTube videos!


. . . May you always live your Exceptional Purpose!

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