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Unemployable‘ is an inspiring podcast for those of us who have chosen to be a solopreneur, entrepreneur, or freelancer. As Brian Clark’s Intro states: "The show for people who can get a job—they’re just not inclined to take one".

This particular Unemplyable podcast is filled with useful information and advice about delivering a public presentation, which is something every successful solopreneur/entrepreneur will have to do at some point in time.

This is because we have a responsibility to share what we have learned and achieved. The world is catching up with the previous 12-year Pluto-in-Sagittarius paradigm of generosity in the form of information-explosion, self-publishing, the invention of webinars leading to on-line courses, and global knowledge-sharing, as evident now in TEDTalks, Slide-Share, and social media channels in general.

However, our present paradigm of Pluto in Capricorn (2008 through to the end of 2023) is demanding a higher level of responsibility from all of us—in both our personal and business lives.

Responsibility is like a stamp for the solopreneur, as the buck most definitely stops here. No one else can be responsible for our output, for our failures or successes. And it is true: if we fear responsibility, we will shun it at every opportunity; and we will limit our impact: never being successful, never making a real difference.

The way Michael Port has interlinked these two ideas of ‘success’ and ‘responsibility’ may seem obvious on the surface, but do we really think about success in that way? Do we ask ourselves how much responsibility we are willing to take on, to achieve our purpose?

This is certainly worth contemplating. And it is worth taking action after that contemplation.

Hear the rest of Michael’s interview, Michael Port on the Power of Presentation on the Unemployable with Brian Clark podcast on iTunes; and catch some other fabulous podcasts on the Rainmaker.fm platform.
You can also get some more of Michael Port, his videos, best-selling books, and courses at michaelport.com

. . . May you always live your Exceptional Purpose!

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