Leadership, Zen-style

Roshi Joan Halifax and Joshin Brian Byrnes

Upaya Podcast:
Buddhist Perspectives on Leadership

— Roshi Joan Halifax & Joshin Brian Byrnes

In Western ways of thinking, particularly in business, we tend to approach matters such as Leadership with clinical analysis. We look at Results, we peruse Statistics, we talk about ‘Performance’.

But we easily lose sight of the Humanity
underlying the ultimate cause for Leadership

There is another layer to be discovered, underneath our polished personas, another Wisdom greater than what what we had imagined.

Leadership involves hard choices, and we must be prepared for that. Our current Pluto-in-Capricorn era (which began in early 2008) is going to throw up many more challenges than what we have been used to facing.

This is a time of Initiation, for the entire planet

The deeper layer of Leadership Wisdom, which we need to cultivate now, can be found in the Buddhist approach. The entire Buddhist path is really the path to Mastery, which in itself should naturally eventuate in Leadership for the betterment of others.

And in terms of Mastery, this means facing all possible issues of the Path, with Wisdom and ‘Principled Compassion’. There are aspects of Leadership discussed in this Upaya podcast that you may not have considered before, from two highly experienced and renowned Zen Buddhist teachers who have been working extensively in the field of ‘hard choices’ and Principled Compassion for decades (See their bios on the podcast page via the link below.).

Really worth a listen:
Podcast: Roshi Joan Halifax and Joshin Brian Byrnes—Buddhist Perspectives on Leadership
(This link will take you to the Upaya.org Zen Center site where you will be invited to sign up for free access to all their Dharma Talks)

. . . May you always live your Exceptional Purpose!

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