An Upside-Down Approach to Inspiring Great Careers

This is a witty and shockingly pertinent speech by economist Larry Smith, filmed at a TED conference in November 2011. No, this is NOT about the economy. It’s about us. Larry explains here why we may very well fail to have a great career, unless . . .

This talk provides a terrific opportunity to ask ourselves if he is right. For the vast majority, sadly, he is. But do you want him to be right in regard to you?

I have been working with clients to define their exceptional careers for three decades, and I have heard every excuse there is, despite the obvious excitement portrayed by clients at the prospect of actually fulfilling their hidden dreams—especially when that dream was found lurking within their own astrology charts.

You didn’t hear excuses from our now classic heroes: Sir Richard Branson when his Virgin airline company was harassed by British Airways in extraordinarily unscrupulous ways; or from Steve Jobs after he was virtually sacked from Apple, his own company; or from author Richard Bach after his little and remarkable story, Jonathan Livingstone Seagull was rejected by publishers twelve times (to be later not only published but even re-created as an animated film!). The list of exceptional careers is so enormous, it cannot be contained in just one blog post, or even a blog site!

Life Purpose is the reason we are alive. And I have heard people on their death beds, declaring they are now ready to “do my real work”. Alas, too late. The body could no longer support the will of the spirit.

This TEDTalk could shake you up to see your potential in a genuine light, and to recognise where you may be making excuses, or enforcing delays.

Larry Smith is certainly entertaining in his delivery, but he also carries a big stick to shake us out of our complacency. Will we fail?

Worth a watch.

. . . May you always live your Exceptional Purpose!

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