Kiva is my favourite Non-Profit organisation.
It’s not a charity, but a solution.

Micro-loans are a wonderful answer for lifting people out of poverty, with dignity and purpose.

A brilliant idea to help those people around the world who are willing to work in their own small businesses to support their familes and community, but can’t get any financial help. Kiva is the solution, and the inspiration in 2005 of Premal Shah in San Francisco.

I’m a happy KIVA lender. It’s not a donation. It’s a loan. And you can reuse that same $25 over and over again to help many people in diverse countries and situations.

Take a look at the animations in this amazing video!


Honestly, try KIVA. It’s one way you’ll be sure that you’re making a difference to someone’s world.

Happy Lending!

. . . May you always live your Exceptional Purpose!

KR logo Kerrie Redgate