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Welcome to the
Exceptional Purpose

After more than 30 years of specialty career consulting, I have been feeling the need to create an opportunity to further help those who are moving toward the awakened lifestyle of the exceptional solopreneur/entrepreneur.

It is tragic—and unnecessary—that some individuals are still sliding down through the cracks; mundane reality has taken hold; talents and abilities are lying dormant. This can lead to many regrets later in life.

So I have created this new Resource Blog as an extension of my Living With Exceptional Purpose website, so that budding solopreneurs and entrepreneurs can find some inspiration.

For this reason, this blog (unlike my previous Bodhimind Blog), will present work from various people (often in video format) with only a contextual commentary from myself. The people I choose to showcase here are the wonderfully uplifting change-makers and thought-leaders who are already living exceptional lives, setting the standards we must not only follow, but eventually overtake!

NOW is the BEST time, the VERY BEST time in human history when you can fully express your unique gifts to the world—to the entire world.
This is seriously astonishing!

You can create, publish, and sell your own books globally; make your own videos and screen them globally; create, fully produce, and sell your own music globally; counsel and consult for individuals globally; create and run your own courses globally; run your own small business, start your own charity organisation, run your own focus groups; get Crowd Funding… How long will this last? Time often moves faster than we do. We need to catch up.

Anyone who has experienced my work knows that I can be a willing and abundant resource of helpful and reputable information, book titles, therapists, techniques, and innovative ideas. So, as well as other people’s videos, I will be reviewing some books and services here that may be of help to you, especially if you are managing a start-up, or struggling a little, on the solopreneur expressway.

There is so much available out there at present, which you may not have had time to discover. So let me be a resource for you.

The first video I chose for this blog project is a brilliant interview with Seth Godin by Bryan Elliott of Behind the Brand. Where I use the term ‘exceptional purpose‘, Seth Godin simply uses the word ‘art‘:

‘I needed a word to describe what human beings do when they act like humans, not small machines. What we do when we are out there, putting our stamp on something, something that might not work. And most of all, I needed a word to describe the generosity and human connection that this kind of work makes. I called it "art".’
      — Seth Godin (a snippet from the video. See the full interview here)

Already a Client or a Student of mine (past or current) ?

Accompanying this blog site will soon be something extra for you:

As you are now aware of the ultimate source of the specific yet subtle sabotage tricks the mind plays along the bodhisattva/solopreneur road, you may benefit from further ongoing support of a broader nature. My Bodhimind Program may not suit everyone. So I have found a way to offer you more inspiration and encouragement, something to get you through those doubting moments (that all solopreneurs/entrepreneurs must manoeuvre around from time to time—no one escapes this!).

And so, I am in the process of setting up a free and private Members Area to accompany this blog, exclusively for my current and past clients and students, for inspirational exchange among yourselves, especially to enhance your ability to move beyond the subtle sabotaging issues we uncovered in your sessions and classes. (And if you are concerned about personal privacy, you will have the option to interact as an ‘avatar’).

I will be posting some exclusive content there for your discussion, if desired, to get things moving. And I will be available to answer any questions you may have about the research I have shared with you during your sessions with me. In this way, we can all support each other and gain from each other’s experiences. This will also be a great networking opportunity for all of you, worldwide, who are focused on living a life of exceptional purpose. We are not isolatedwe are actually a global team.

Regardless of whether you have been involved with my services or not, I view this blog site as not so much a blog as a Resource site. And I am hoping it will be a place you return to often, to find many useful resources in one location.
Kerrie Redgate
Thank you for checking in and reading. Now I suggest you go be amazingly inspired by Seth Godin !

. . . And may you always live your Exceptional Purpose!


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