This TEDTalk highlights the place beauty has in our lives, and especally through our physical surroundings, as well as through community living. Theaster Gates had an extrordinary mission to transform areas of Chicago that had been left derelict, to bring a new pulse of life for happier communities.

Beauty is an expression of Spirit, and I believe beautiful things (artwork, music, sculpture, great architecture, flowers…) are all expressions of our own spiritual qualities that we don’t see on the inside. And so it is important that our living spaces, our communities and neighbourhoods, reflect a higher aspiration to live more culturally active lives with each other. We seek our spirit’s expression in what is outside of us, as we cannot see it from within.

This is an inspiring video on many counts. Make yourself a cuppa and sit and relax with the joy of this.

. . . As an aside, as Google has announced it is shutting down its Google+ site and service, I will be bringing more of the videos from my Exceptional Purpose Google+ account to this blog site, and will in time modernise this site for you. Cheers!

May you always live your
Exceptional Purpose!

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