A Woman of Exceptional Purpose & Smart Power

Hillary Clinton is the major focus
in the world at present
as we near the US Presidential election,
happening on November 8th


Donald Trump may have stolen the stage for a time, but Hillary (not surprisingly) out-performed him brilliantly during the first Presidential Debate.

Yet, the world is still gasping that we may lose her exceptional diplomacy if the ‘myopic vote’ wins out over the ‘greater-vision vote’ (as happened with Brexit, after especially England and Wales were conned by falsehoods).

It Happened in Germany in the Early 1930s

The "divide and conquer" strategy that builds a groundswell of supporters for tyrants and fascists is happening again. Oldest trick in the proverbial book.

Regardless of your political preferences, this election is not about parties. It is not about Democrats versus Republicans. It is about the state of the entire world over the next four years. And the world’s fate is now in the hands of almost 219 million Americans who are eligible (but not obligated) to vote.

As an Australian (and one who does not often watch the news about events I cannot personally control or fix), this video opened my eyes to what one woman can do and can fix. Hillary Clinton’s legacy is already tremendous.

Hillary Clinton is an incredible powerhouse with her Mars-Pluto conjunction in Leo (rock-star material!), and her determined and focused Mercury in Scorpio mind. Yet, she has maintained the compassionate quality of her Pisces Moon in continually fighting on behalf of the underdog, especially children… But there is much more.

Yes, this is a promotional video from her website, but it is enormously inspiring. I hope you take a few minutes to view this, and to ask yourself, "what else could I be doing with my life?"

Living with Purpose is a life not wasted,
But Living with Exceptional Purpose is a Life Fulfilled


. . . May you always live your Exceptional Purpose!

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Kerrie Redgate

Exceptional Purpose specialist since 1986—consultant & educator: Kerrie Redgate designs careers & sleuths-out subtle self-sabotage for individuals seeking a meaningful life. Kerrie developed the Yogacara Astrology system for this purpose during three decades with clients & students. Award-Winning Author. Speaker. Was once a rock/jazz/blues singer/musician/published song-writer. Kerrie believes Astrology & Music are both based on Resonance, and both can change lives!

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