There really are no excuses for us. Starting a business at 11 . . . why not?!

This is a little video introduction to the success story of Louis Barnett, who, as a child, was diagnosed with all the things that could have excluded him from a productive life.

This is not the first time I have seen just how wrong “the experts” can get it when diagnosing gifted children. Louis obviously has no such problems now.

I was witness to this same issue when a friend’s daughter was diagnosed with learning disabilities, and it was suggested she would require remedial classes. I could not believe this! The girl was highly intelligent and enormously creative, and it seemed to me her main interests and talents were not being fully supported or even valued at her regular school. I was afraid she would come to label herself as being inferior.

This is precisely what causes a lack of interest in particular classes at school. Every child has a unique way of learning, of observing information, and boredom levels can increase when these are not being acknowledged.

Be careful how “the experts” label your children!

. . . May you always live your Exceptional Purpose!

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