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brain scan white matter-Cardiff University

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Looking like a cross between a piece of bleached coral and one of the worst perms I’d had in my younger days, this image (which was scanned at Cardiff University) is part of an actual brain belonging to BBC Medical Correspondent Fergus Walsh.

The images from the scan were computerised into a 3D video by engineers at Siemens, with the colours added for the directional flow of neural messages.

The video reveals for us the astonishingly organised array of hair-like neural fibres in the white matter of the human brain, which are normally covered by the folded grey matter of the cortex that they connect to like a massive switchboard. Ironically, this multitudinous network of pathways is mind-boggling!

Look at those fibres! Each one of us has made a similar set of those. And we continue to expand those connections via every thought and action we indulge in throughout life.

And if you can’t find some creativity and innovation in the fibrous mass you have inside your head, you’re a disgrace to the human species! No excuses! There’s a lot going on in there. And you’re not finished yet.

Train your brain by adding useful information every day. Fill your head with things that will serve you in your Future, not stifle and waste your precious time in the Present.

All life is precious, but the human being has the greatest potential for innovation, both inner and outer. Use that brain of yours wisely!

. . . May you always live your Exceptional Purpose!

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