Update: Asteroids!

Vesta cropped (NASA/JPL)

Breaking news!

I have just, tonight, updated my asteroid database in the SIRIUS astrology calculation program (created by David Cochrane of Cosmic Patterns Software), and have gained another 283 asteroids!

That brings the total, to date, to 19,046 named asteroids that are available for astrological research!

Well, you may not think this is all that exciting. But these asteroids play a major part in what I can do (or have already done) for you in defining your highest life-purpose and career prospects.

I use asteroids as the ‘body-text’ of the birth-chart. And I may quite possibly be the only Astrologer in the world who uses asteroids in this way. Yes, it is a helluva lot of work, but I believe the results outweigh the extra time and effort this takes.

The positions of the major planets (and I defiantly include Pluto in here!) really work more like chapter headings in our psyches. It is in the asteroids where we find the concrete detail. And perhaps the asteroid belt (principally between Mars and Jupiter) has been responsible for the advancement of complex intelligence on our little water and rock planet… But that is another story!

I’ll be elaborating on all of this in my book series with several volumes due for publication this year, 2017. (Hint: sign up for my e-newsletter, Living With Exceptional Purpose—at the top of the sidebar—for advanced notice on the release dates of these books, plus introductory discounts, and an opportunity to download one of the exclusive free review-copies.)

. . . If you haven’t had a personal update with me in a while (or you are in need of this type of guidance), you may enjoy the extra delights from these orbiting chunks in our neighbourhood.

For more information on asteroids in my astrology system, see the Why Asteroids? page of my Living With Exceptional Purpose site.

. . . 19,046! Yippee! . . . Well, I’m excited.

March 2017 update: We now have close to 20,000 named asteroids for astrological calculation! Some absolute gems in there. So don’t forget, if you have had the BigView and Zoom-In consultations with me, we can add even more asteroids in shorter Progress Sessions, to add more detail for your purpose/career/spiritual development.

April 2019 update: I am now shooting for the end of 2019 for finishing the first few books in my series. I wish I could write full-time. But I’m determined to get them out there!
For more on the asteroids, see the pages under the Asteroids tab in my ExceptionalPurpose.com site.

. . . May you always live your Exceptional Purpose!

KR logo Kerrie Redgate

Eros asteroid - NASA

Images (top: Vesta; bottom: Eros—both cropped) courtesy of NASA/JPL
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