Apple earpod caseA simple thing: I bought a new set of earpods from an Apple store in Sydney yesterday, mainly as I only recently(!) discovered that the mic in them works in a Macbook (for Facetime and Skype!), whereas I’d known that the Macbook socket won’t accept other-branded mics or jack inputs.

I have to admit, my first reaction was, “AUD$45 is a lot to pay for earpods! … Apple!”

But when I opened the box, there was that little “Oh, wow” that Apple usually elicits from me.

Firstly, I have to admit, I had never noticed that my iPhone 4S earphones had a remote switch for volume etc, which is what I found on these (improved design) new ones. My 60-year-old eyesight hadn’t seen the little + and – signs on the mic piece. Then I discovered that this tiny mic piece has a central remote button that can also put calls on-hold, advance song selections, etc, etc.

So, is that what impressed me the most? … Actually, no. The thing that really got me was the perfectly designed little plastic Apple case they were sitting in. It’s perfect for keeping the cords untangled and protecting the ear pieces from dust and dirt. And it’s light and pocket/purse sized.

Apple Earpod Case-bottomviewApple didn’t have to do this. They weren’t obligated. And, despite the obvious design-time, that little end product certainly wasn’t a big expense for them. But Apple designers had taken the time to think this issue through, and packaged these little guys just perfectly for our future use.

Apple thrives on the WOW factor. And that’s why people such as myself will happily pay $45 for earpods. Convenience and gorgeous design. It’s the little everyday things that can add up to make a happy life. A clever company knows this!

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