‘Adaptive Rhythms’ by Todd Henry & DJ Z-Trip

Todd Henry’s brilliant podcast on ADAPTIVE RHYTHMS has been remixed by DJ Z-Trip.

This is both an inspiration to get us into being focused & more effective, and an entertaining 12 minutes of sound & rhythm.

Music therapists will tell you that the quickest way to commit something to memory—to get it locked into your subconscious—is to use melody and rhythm behind the words.

Rhythmical melody is a pattern of repetitive frequencies, and your brain naturally entrains itself to repetitions in the environment, which create your steady reality. We can all remember the lyrics of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star as we learned to sing it with a specific rhythmical melody in our childhoods.

I enjoy listening to this version of this particular podcast on my iPod when I’m walking to the supermarket. Some great gems in here! It certainly makes my supermarket-time a more productive and uplifting experience!

Z-Trip captures well the momentum of Todd Henry’s philosophy and advice. I have one of Todd’s phrases from Adaptive Rhythms chalked onto a board near my front door, as a reminder to myself and my clients. I think this podcast is worth a listen or two … or three.

More from Todd Henry: AccidentalCreative.com and ToddHenry.com.

More of DJ Z-Trip’s SoundCloud collection.

May you always live your Exceptional Purpose!

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