A Living Legend

Exceptional !!!

This has got to be the very best late show, or late late show, or late late late show, or whatever, episode that I have ever seen! In one week, this YouTube video has collected more than 20 million views!

There are few people alive today whom the world could name as Living Legends. But Paul McCartney is one. He’s a Global Treasure.

This episode of Carpool Karaoke with James Corden brought me to joyful tears. It features a person who has lived his exceptional purpose for his entire life, and with humility and grace. And even now as a senior citizen, you can see he’s still going strong at 76!

Very few people can be said to have had such an enormous impact on so many generations of people. Not to mention the sub-generations of Pluto in Leo, in Virgo, in Libra, in Scorpio, in Sagittarius, and now Pluto in Capricorn. His music has survived through them all!

. . . Once you find that thing you are here to do, it never stops. It drives your Heart. And I believe this is the secret to keeping you young on the inside.

Please enjoy this fabulous indulgence. It is full of wondeful surprises! And what a crescendo!!


. . . May you always live your Exceptional Purpose!

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Kerrie Redgate

Exceptional Purpose specialist since 1986—consultant & educator: Kerrie Redgate designs careers & sleuths-out subtle self-sabotage for individuals seeking a meaningful life. Kerrie developed the Yogacara Astrology system for this purpose during three decades with clients & students. Award-Winning Author. Speaker. Was once a rock/jazz/blues singer/musician/published song-writer. Kerrie believes Astrology & Music are both based on Resonance, and both can change lives!

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