Think Your Email’s Private?

You really do need to watch this! This is an important TEDTalk from Andy Yen of CERN in Switzerland. CERN was where the World Wide Web was originally developed, so it is fitting that...

Paul McCartney on Carpool Karaoke with James Corden

A Living Legend

Exceptional !!! This has got to be the very best late show, or late late show, or late late late show, or whatever, episode that I have ever seen! In one week, this YouTube...

Jeff Iliff TedTalk

A Good Night’s Sleep & Your Brain

This should be viewed by all solopreneurs and entrepreneurs, by the change-makers and the inspired educators   Cutting corners wherever possible is a necessary component of running your own business or project. This happens...

hand emerging from water with sparkler

The Drowning of Liberty

A poem from Kerrie Redgate   A gift from the French. She had sailed across an ocean to stand atop a small island in America. A symbol of Liberty from Oppression, of Unity, Solidarity,...

Tim Ferrie TEDTalk

Tim Ferris on Defining Your Fears

In this TEDTalk, Tim Ferris suggests defining our fears rather than just our goals, and emphasizes the significance of stoicism in regard to success in all areas of life | Inspirational videos curated for your Exceptional Purpose by Kerrie Redgate

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